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Experts in concrete construction | Alberta

Experts in Concrete

We are a team of well trained people with the ability to deal with any concrete project. Working hard to get incredible results, always taking care of all the security regulations on the site and giving our best to add value to every project.

What we Offer?

We offer a variety of services for both contractors and homeowners. We can help you get the job done from start to finish, large or small.
Driveways | Garage Pads| Shop Floors | Decorative and Stamped/Exposed | Concrete Stairs & Steps | Retaining Walls | Sidewalks | Basements | Removal & Replace

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About Us

We are leaders in concrete solutions.

With more than 20 years of experience we can take on any concrete project.

Whether you're a homeowner or a business owner, don't settle on a concrete contractor without getting in touch with Esparza's Concrete LTD. We've been serving residentials, commercials and Municipal City customers in Alberta for over than 10 years and we can guaranteed results that you'll be happy with.

We not only comply with by-laws, policies and directives of Concrete in Alberta, we are also committed to provide and install high quality concrete to our customers.

Residential Projects

We specialize in quality home improvements

Commercial Projects

Stronger concrete mix design and heavier reinforcement for heavy vehicles

  • Standard Broom Finish

    Broom Finish is concrete that has been brushed with a broom when fresh in order to  leave a rough texture that gives better traction in slippery conditions

  • Exposed Aggregate

    Exposed aggregate concrete is a form of decorative concrete that it's obtained by placing concrete and then removing the outer 'skin' of cement paste to uncover decorative coarse aggregate. It's great for sidewalks, driveways, pool decks and patios.

  • Stamped/Pattern

    Stamped concrete, often called textured or imprinted concrete, replicates stones, such as slate and flagstone, tile, brick and even wood. The wide variety of pattern and color choices make it popular for beautifying inside homes, exterior patios, walkways, driveways and pool decks.

High Quality Materials

Types of Finishes

We have a few different concrete finishes available for your project.

Application, budget and personal taste determines which concrete finish is perfect for your concrete project.

Concrete specialists with more than 20 years of experience.